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Short Quotes & Reviews about The Band and Performances

Luther Hughes & The Cannonball-Coltrane Project brought more than remarkable music to our festival. He brought extraordinary educators for our clinics, a group of pure professionals who want to be a part of the event, and a willingness to help make the event as great as it can be. Thank you, Luther and company, for the fun, the outstanding music and the tireless help!
--Quote from Jerry Floor (Festival Director, Salt Lake City International Jazz Festival)

Luther Hughes and the Cannonball-Coltrane Project were an absolutehit. Their dynamic performance and technical expertise combine togetherto create a performance that truly pays homage to their to go see these guys.
--Quote from Brad Peters (Executive Producer, Gene Harris Jazz Festival)

I enjoyed it immensely! You sound so good, and so does the band.
--Quote from Martin Drew (a famous drummer in England)

Luther and the guys in the Cannonball-Coltrane Project gave a passionate and insightful clinic that engaged my students from beginning to end. They followed up their teachings with an exceptional and electrifying performance that was second to none. We have had a number of legendary guest artists perform at our concerts over the years, and the Cannonball-Coltrane Project's performance was one of the best!
--Quote from Bijon Watson, Program Coordinator, Jazz & Commercial Music Program, Orange County High School of the Arts

Two things we can always count on when Luther Hughes & The Cannonball-Coltrane Project plays for us: a great concert and a full house!
--Quote from Lucinda Prewitt, August 2006, Laguna Beach Live!

What a treat it was, very different and tasty! These guys played with so much heart.
--Quote from Glenn A. Mitchell, July 2006 article from the L.A. Jazz Scene on the CCP's performance at The Muckenthaler Cultural Arts Center

One of the outstanding newer quintets on the concert circuit, the Cannonball-Coltrane Project's performances are both swinging and cerebral, bluesy and muscular. All five musicians are engaging, accessible performers who consistently connect with the audience.
--Quote from Holly Hofman, Musician and Music Director, San Diego Museum of Art

Two thumbs up! There could not have been a better group than The Cannonball-Coltrane Project to hold an outdoors audience from retreating indoors on a chilly day in Newport! Obviously, this band is HOT and that was the conclusion of many of our patrons attending the 6th Annual Newport Beach Jazz Party!
--Quote from John McClure, Co-producer, Newport Beach Jazz Party

Luther Hughes and The Cannonball Coltraine Project epitomize the truest definition of jazz. They have taken what was created before them, studied it, molded and loved it, and added to it. You hear the music and spirit of Cannonball and Coltraine combined with the music and spirit of The Project. It's not's enhanced.
--Quote from Janie Harris, Artistic Director, Gene Harris Jazz Festival

Luther, Thank you so much for bringing the Cannonball Coltrane Project to our Informally Yours program in Founders Hall at the Orange County PerformingArts Center last January. Your performances were great hits among our"Center Family." The musicianship and interplay among the members of theCannonball Coltrane Project made for an enriching and entertaining evening.Our audiences learned about the different styles and periods of jazz, howthe jazz combo functions musically, and how improvisation works in theperformance setting. I know that the next time they go to a jazz concertthey will understand the music better and enjoy the concert on a deeperlevel. Thank you for sharing your humor, artistry and warmth with ouraudiences.
--Letter from Dianne Howe, Ph.D, Coordinator, Informally Yours, Orange County Performing Arts Center

The first time I heard the Luther Hughes tribute to Coltrane and Adderley itblew me away. I immediately booked the group into our Center. We had aweekend of sell out crowds absolutely enthralled with the concerts. This is a band of great talent, energy and compassion for jazz. Trane andCannon would be proud of them.
--Jerry Mandel, president, Orange County Performing Arts Center