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"Fast Trak - Luther Hughes & The Cannonball-Coltrane Project"
by TED GIOIA - Mar. 20, 2008

NOTE:  "Fast Trak," from the CCP's third CD, Spectacular!, was listed as the song of the day on on March 20, 2008. Here is the text of the accompanying review:

The cover of this CD shows fireworks going off, and the title is in huge capital letters proclaiming "SPECTACULAR!" Even so, you could easily miss this unheralded indie release -- especially when it had the bad fortune to go on the market at the same time that a big label was launching a Cannonball Adderley tribute CD with an all-star band. No famous jazz all-stars on this CD, but you wouldn't guess it by listening to this track, which swings like crazy. I had never heard of altoist Bruce Babad before -- he teaches at Fullerton College in Orange County -- but I will be on the lookout for him in the future. His solo here is quite impressive. Of course, when the rhythm section is playing at such a high level, everybody sounds good. Okay, not just good . . . spectacular!

RATING:  88/100