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"Second Helping" - Misc. Short Quotes & Reviews

Went for a drive last night and put your CD Second Helping in the player and /without distraction/ listened from beginning to end. Your group has nailed Cannonball's spirit exactly. As I said yesterday, Adderley was most likely out supreme influence as kid jazz sax players. I know his sound cold, and your guys have embodied the spirit of it without copying him note for note.Great stuff!
--Note to Luther Hughes from Dave Good, Freelance writer. - Feb. 2008

Nice to hear a couple of tribute albums that don't slavishly imitate the originals but instead carry on the spirit and inspiration."
--Quote from Jim Wilke, DJ, Jazz After Hours. July 2006, referring to the first two CCP CDs.

As the title indicates, this is the high rollin' follow-up to the debut album by this boppin', funky assemblage. Leader Hughes is joined by Glenn Cashman, tenor; Bruce Babad, alto; Ed Czach, piano and Paul Kreibich, drums. The quintet starts right where they left off last time, digging in with dense, generous solos and a clipped, tight sound. The tunes, only a few of which were written by Coltrane or Adderley (in this case, NAT Adderley) reflect the style and approach of these departed jazz icons. Several were actually composed for the date by Cashman, who comes up with some sizzlers. Among the ones associated with Cannon or Coltrane are "Work Song," "Unit 7," "Green Dolphin Street" and "Mr. Syms." In addition to some well honed solo work by all comers, drummer Kreibich gets that nice little Adderley backbeat going, and it all just pulls you right in.
--CD Review by George Fendel, July 2006, - Jazz Society of Oregon